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T. Patrick Snyder
6 June
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I'm very into linguistics and anthropology. My specialties in the former are Phonetics/Phonology, Historical and Comparative Linguistics (specifically the Germanic and Romance language families, and other Indo-European languages). My specialties in the latter is Linguistic Anthropology and Physical Anthropology.

I've studied (of the Germanic family): Old English (Anglo-Saxon), Old Norse, Old High German, Middle High German, High German, Middle English, Early Modern English, Modern English, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Low German, Old Saxon, Dutch, Afrikaans, Flemish, Scots, (of the Romance-Italic Family) Latin, Spanish (American and European), Romanian, Portuguese, Italian, French, Old French, Old Spanish, Etruscan, Oscan, Umbrian, Haitian Creole, (of other Indo-European languages) Ancient Greek, New Testament Greek, Modern Greek, Russian, Czech, Irish, Welsh, Polish, Bulgarian, (of the rest of the world) Hebrew, Tagalog, Hungarian, Turkish, amongst others.

Anyone who comes to my blog is welcome to ask me questions about Linguistics or Anthropology. Either leave it in a comment or send me a message directly via an IM platform or Email. blackkdark@yahoo.com
I may answer you question in a blog entry, so tell me a pseudonym you want me to use if you're not comfortable with anything else.